Taking a relaxing driving holiday through the wine regions of France

Driving through France is a real treat if you are on holiday and can do so at your own pace. Stopping at beautiful gorgeous guest houses will be part of the pleasure for you. Driving through France by car or motorcycle is the very best method of actually seeing all of France. It’s no good just flying to the south of France as you miss all the good stuff.

Be mindful whilst driving in France though as it is doable to get points on your driving licence or even worse lose it all together. We recommend you visit https://www.drivinginfrance.org/ for all the things you need when driving in Europe.

First off the required age at which you can drive is 18 not 17 as it is in the United Kingdom no matter of whether you have passed your driving test.

All people in the car have to have their seat belt on and kidsof nine years of age or less have to be in the back seats.

It is law that zebra crossings must be stopped at and the speed limits are very different in France than they are here. On the spot fines are given out for speeding like confetti at a wedding so be very careful. They especially seem to take pleasure in stopping UK drivers.

It is also possible to have your car towed away if you are breaking the speed limits by more than 20 miles per hour.

Motorway driving speed is limited to 130km per hour, however if it is raining then it is reduced at 110km per hour which I actually think is a terrific you must have headlamp converters fitted to your car or vans headlamps if you have a UK right hand drive car as you will be dazzling oncoming road users with your headlights pointing the wrong way. Also you have to carry a full kit with spare bulbs and fuses, a warning triangle and a high visibility jacket or vest and first aid kits.

France does alter the road laws every so often and just recently they insisted that all drivers carry a breathalyser testing kit in the car. Make sure your headlights don't dazzle the cars coming the other way. You will need to convert the beam on your car to make sure it is road legal. Try here: https://www.headlampconverters.com/ for the original and the best headlight converters.

We recommend the Bordeaux area of France and the reason we like this area is because its where a lot of the wine comes from!

It produces a significant percentage of the wine in France and a lot of the really good stuff.

The wine Bordeaux is named after the areas main city. The vineyards span out from the urban centre for about a sixty mile radius and have some of the very best countryside in France. We strongly suggest that you take a trip around this area of France and do so at a peaceful pace.

Driving along following the route that the Dordogne River takes is very beautiful and as you would expect this area has a great climate and much warmer weather on average than we get in England.